It’s a well-known fact that preconceptions die hard and it’s often difficult to put our prejudices of certain subjects aside. Unfortunately these myths about career coaching are an unnecessary impediment to what could be a very defining experience for your professional well-being.

  1. I’m too old or too young

It is never too early or too late to start thinking about your future, or rethinking it. Of course the process will be different depending on your situation because in order to get good results, it has to be adapted to each person’s reality. However there are solutions for these two particular cases.

For young people, there is a formula that we call “personalised career guidance” that allows the teenager to get to know themselves and to discover the options available to them when the time comes to choose their studies and define their future.

For adults we propose the personalised career coaching service in which they can find a solution to a professional impasse by rediscovering their passions and their talents so that they can benefit from a stimulating job.

In other cases, like those who want to become independent workers or those who want to pick their dreams up where they left them in the wake of their retirement, it is possible to do an adapted career coaching process. There is no age limit to improve your future!

  1. I already have a job so I don’t need coaching

Approximately 75% of the European population is not satisfied with their professional reality. That means that these people already have a job but not one they are passionate about. And if you are in the same boat? Just because you are already working doesn’t mean you have to settle for any job. Even if it is a field in which you excel, that doesn’t mean you enjoy the tasks you have to do on a daily basis. The coaching process will allow you to identify your strengths and to explore the different possibilities within the labour market that could be better suited to you.

  1. My studies and professional experience will have been for nothing

Even though it is completely understandable for you to think this when deciding to reorient yourself towards a different sector, you would be wrong to think that all your efforts will have been for nothing. Every experience is good and the career coaching will be able to put all your professional or academic achievements forward in order to give them added value on the labour market. Over the years you have acquired “transferable” abilities (like degrees, qualifications, professional contacts, etc.) that can be exploited in other sectors. On top of this, certain people decide not to stray from their path completely and simply want to modify a few aspects of their situation and significantly improve their professional well-being. So don’t let that hold you back!

  1. After the coaching process, I will know what profession I want to do and I will find a job

At the end of this experience, we will not give you a list of the jobs that you should do but rather point you in the direction you should be going. It’s more about self-discovery and finding out about the external reality in order to analyse the sectors that you may not have thought of. It will also help you make concrete, manageable and realistic decisions to reach professional well-being. Career coaching entails an important personal step and also close cooperation with the career coach. So we won’t impose anything, nor will we do all the work for you, but rather guide you and accompany you throughout.

So don’t let yourself be tempted by preconceptions that could discourage you. There are solutions for every situation, for every person: don’t let anything get in the way of your dreams!