Study in English in Brussels, Belgium


Coming to Brussels to study? A fresh academic year is about to take off, and new, international students are arriving to the city by the hour – as are interns, jobseekers, and many more. In order to make you feel welcome in Brussels and to make your beginnings here as blossoming and productive as possible, we at OrientaEuro – in cooperation with Vrije Universiteit Brussel – have collected 5 tips to check out:


1. Housing. A pre-requisite for you to be able to enjoy your time in Brussels is to have a place to call home. If you’re going to be in university housing, you might already have settled this issue, but for all you last-minute planners, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has put together this neat housing page with all the links you need to get unpacking in a flash.

2. Have a gaufre! Nothing says “Welcome to Brussels!” like this sweet pastry. Sold for €2 from vans all across the city, they will set you on the right track to enjoying all that Brussels has to offer.

3. Language-learning. Did you know that the French word “gaufre” has its roots in Middle Age Dutch and Flemish? Brussels is as you surely know bilingual, but thanks to its international character, it’s a great place to learn any language. Check out VUB’s practical PDF on Language Learning in Brussels to get started.

4. Getting around. Brussels is quite a walkable city, especially the center, but there are also trains, trams, subways and buses that you will surely need to learn how to navigate during your stay. For information on public transport, but also on airports and bike rental in Brussels, have a look at VUB’s PDF on transport.

5. Have fun! Whether you’re in Brussels to study, work, or even as a tourist, these PDFs provide some great information on shopping and leisure that we’re sure can come in handy for all newly arrived. Thanks VUB for letting us share your resources!


Can’t get enough of Brussels? As a final tip, we recommend VUB’s page on Studying in Brussels, where you’ll find further details on your upcoming student life in Brussels, and links to more information.