We all have characteristics that make us unique, and talents are a part of that. However, identifying them is not always easy. Certain talents are obvious from childhood, but sometimes you need more time and patience to discover them. So, what is a talent? According to the dictionary, it’s: “a special natural or learned ability or aptitude in a particular domain”. Discovering a talent can have an impact on your life and interfere with your current plans! If you haven’t yet discovered what your own talents are (or if you’d like to discover what your hidden talents are), this article will give you a few ideas.

1) Help a friend discover their talent.
We often say that teaching is the best way to learn. Put that into practice. Helping a person you know discover their talents could help you find your own. It will push you to ask yourself certain questions about yourself and you will figure out things that you had never previously considered.

2) Ask your family and friends.
What if you tried to write down your main talents and abilities? Chances are you will start to lack inspiration after about 2 minutes. We can sometimes be very harsh on ourselves. Thankfully, our friends and our family are generally more objective, they know us and love us, so don’t forget that their opinion is precious and that it could help you learn more about yourself. Certain people have a gift for music, learning languages, maths, etc., yet there are a whole lot more talents that we don’t necessarily think about. For example, some people are good at reading body language or are very good at evaluating information and can easily summarise complex things.

3) Don’t wait for your talents to fall out of the sky.
All professionals were once amateurs. Have you always wanted to learn how to play the piano, to cook or sew? Then go for it! You will never be able to discover new talents if you don’t experiment with new things. Let your desires and curiosity guide you. You may end up hating an activity which you thought looked great at first, but don’t worry, that’s only the beginning and life offers you infinite possibilities. Challenge yourself and try something new every week – you may never discover a talent just because the opportunity never presented itself.

4) Stay away from any negativity.
We are sometimes strongly influenced by those around us. The fact that an activity has the reputation of being difficult should not stop you from trying. You are unique and if you want to try something and do it well then don’t hesitate. It is time for you to start having some self-confidence and follow your desires. Discover your talents and set yourself apart!

5) Develop the talents you already have and don’t be scared.
Don’t be shy and remember that talents are there to be used. It would be a shame to ruin your potential. Very often you could have an innate talent in a specific field but if you want to develop it, you won’t be able to do so without work. Are you good at drawing? Imagine the progress you could make if you worked at it! If your talent is also a passion then it is the first step towards happiness. You will lose all notion of time and work will become a pleasure.

6) Take part in OrientaEuro’s personalised process.
Seeking help from professionals can be useful when your environment doesn’t give you the key that will allow you to discover your talents. At OrientaEuro, we not only help you discover your talents, but also the perfect match between your talents, passions and what society or the labour market wants. We all dream of making a living from our talents and passions. It’s completely possible, so you should jump at the opportunity!

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“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius