ARAE Coaching Agreement

This document defines the framework in which OrientaEuro srl (OE) supports you as an Actiris guaranteed partner.

OE offers its coaching services called "Ateliers de recherche active d’emploi" (ARAE), which translates as Active Job Search Workshops, in partnership with Actiris.

This individual support is undertaken in French and can, upon request, include activities in Dutch and in English, or in any other language spoken by our Job coaches.

What is a Job coach?
Your Job coach provides personalized and tailor-made support through one-to-one appointments adapted to your requests and needs.

During these sessions you will have the opportunity to:

  • Benefit from a personal and professional assessment
  • Undertake a professional (re)orientation and define your projects
  • Discover the different channels to apply through
  • Draft a CV and cover letter
  • Prepare for your job interviews
  • Obtain information on psychotechnical tests
  • Create and optimize your mailbox

1: Situation

Following your registration with Actiris, a referral advisor (RA) is systematically assigned to you by Actiris.

What is the role of your referral advisor (RA) ?
Your RA develops an individual action plan with you in your steps towards employment and supports you for a period of 12 months.

Do you want to know if you already have a RA?
Your Job coach will be able to provide information to you on this during your first interview.

Do you already have a RA?
You are entitled to regular appointments on specific actions with a Job coach parallel to your the follow-up with your RA.

Don't have one yet? Your OrientaEuro Job coach automatically becomes your referral advisor as Actiris guaranteed partner. This implies that your Job coach is also your RA. This entails the same rights and duties towards your Job coach as those mentioned on the Actiris website and in your MyActiris.

2: Aim of the support

The coaching objective is to provide you, by means of a complete programme, professional support in your choices and decisions, in response to questions relating to your career (see diagram below). During the coaching sessions, you will in particular determine and/or clarify your professional project, acquire basic skills (soft skills), discover job search techniques and/or tools, and prepare for job interviews. As a candidate, you will therefore gain a better understanding of your career and the job market, which aims to give you a more concrete vision of your professional future.

3: OE’s commitment

OE commits to provide professionalism, integrity and professional knowledge, as well as the best possible ethical practices and standards in performing its missions.

OE is committed to setting up individual coaching sessions which allow you to focus on thinking about your career and your skills, as well as defining a career objective. The support can lead to the development of an action plan to strengthen your position on the labor market as well as a strengthening of the tools used in all the stages necessary for a quality job search.

A session canceled by the Job coach is promptly rescheduled.

In case of a long-term unavailability of the Job coach, OE undertakes to assign you another Job coach as soon as possible.
As part of the coaching provided by Actiris, the actions you carry out with your Job coach are registered in your individual action plan of your MyActiris account. These actions reflect the topics covered in the coaching session and the steps you undertake, any appointments made and absences. OE respects the confidentiality of the personal data collected throughout the Job coaching process. The Job coach respects the code of ethics of the profession. You can at any time consult your collected data as well as the information transmitted to Actiris as part of the service provided.

4: Candidate's commitment

As a candidate, you commit to engaging in job-search efforts and to consider your job search as a full-time job.

Planning of the sessions is carried out by mutual agreement between you and your Job coach. A session ends at the scheduled time.

You are required to inform your Job coach of any delay or other issue that may interfere with your attendance at the scheduled sessions, specifying the reason and duration of the absence based on justifications duly authorized by Actiris. If you wish to change the time and date of an agreed appointment, it is important to do so at least 48 hours in advance, which frees up the Coach’s availability for another candidate.

You are invited to contact your Job coach once a month to inform them of any progress in your job search, except in the event of a different arrangement agreed with your Job coach. This can be done by e-mail, by telephone or during a meeting.

You are required to also inform your Job coach as soon as any of your job-search objectives have been reached (see article 5).

5: End of the support

The support agreement ends either at the end of the individual action plan, or when you reach one of the solutions below:

  • a salaried contract lasting at least three months
  • self-employment (self-employed as a main occupation or as an employee in the company or non-profit organization created);
  • participating in a business cooperative;
  • resuming of studies;
  • attending a qualifying training course (minimum 20 hours per week), planned for a period of three months;
  • entering an individual vocational training (FPI) curriculum or an internship recognized by Actiris, the VDAB and/or Bruxelles Formation

Your support also ends if you are no longer registered with Actiris as an unemployed job seeker for a period of three months.

OE can also end your job search support if you do not actively participate in the coaching sessions or show inappropriate behavior.

6: Obligation of means

The Job coach has an obligation of means: he manages the support process and uses the OE methodology. It is up to you to carry out the tasks and your commitments in between sessions. Everyone thus engages their co-responsibility.

Your goal can be achieved through your involvement throughout the coaching process. OE cannot guarantee that the results of the coaching will be to achieve your professional objective, since this does not depend solely on OE and your efforts: other external factors such as the labor market also come into play.