ARAE Coaching Agreement

1: Situation

OE offers its coaching services called "Ateliers de recherche active d’emploi" (ARAE), which translates as Active Job Search Workshops, in partnership with Actiris and with the support of the European Social Fund. This ARAE coaching agreement is concluded for a maximum duration of 12 months from today.

2: Objective of the coaching

The objective of coaching is to provide the candidate, through a comprehensive programme (see diagram below), with professional support in his or her career choices and decisions, in response to career-related questions. During the coaching, the candidate will in particular determine and/or clarify his/her career plan, acquire basic skills (soft skills), discover job search techniques and/or tools, prepare for interviews... The candidate thus acquires a better understanding of his/her career and the job market, which gives him/her a more concrete vision of his/her future.

3: Engagement of OE

OE commits to provide the highest level of professionalism, integrity and professional knowledge, and to continuously considering the best possible ethical practices and standards in the performance of its missions.

OE commits to provide individualized coaching to allow the candidate to focus on thinking about his or her career and skills, and to define a career objective. The coaching may lead to the development of an action plan to strengthen one's own position on the labour market as well as to a reinforcement of the tools used in all the steps necessary for quality job searches.

4: End of the coaching

This contract shall come to an end when the candidate's objective is achieved. This can be reflected by :
- A contract as an employee or temporary worker for a minimum of 28 consecutive days (employment subsidized or not, through an activation formula - art. 60, social economy, Activa, ... - or not) ;
- The creation of one's own job (self-employed as a main occupation or as an employee in the company or non-profit organisation created);
- The entry in a cooperative of activities;
- The resumption of studies;
- Entrance into a qualifying training course (minimum 20 hours per week);
- Entrance into an FPI or internship/traineeship recognised by Actiris, the VDAB and/or Bruxelles Formation.

OE can also terminate the coaching agreement if the candidate does not actively participate in the activities or shows inadequate behaviour.

5: Engagement of the candidate

The candidate engages in the ARAE coaching agreement with OE on a voluntary basis.

The candidate commits him/herself to be involved in the process and to consider his/her job search as a full-time job.

The candidate commits him/herself to inform his/her Job coach in case of delay or inability to attend scheduled sessions, specifying the reason and duration of absence according to the justifications authorized by Actiris.

The candidate agrees to contact his Job coach at least once a month to inform him/her of the progress of his job search. This can be done by e-mail, telephone or in session.

The candidate commits him/herself to inform his Job coach directly when the objective of the coaching is achieved (see point 4).

6: Obligation of means

The Job coach has an obligation of means: he manages the coaching process and uses the OE methodology. The candidate may be prescribed tasks to be carried out between sessions. He thus engages his co-responsibility. The candidate's objective cannot be achieved without his or her involvement in the coaching process. OE cannot guarantee that the results of the coaching will be equivalent to the achievement of the candidate's objective, as they do not only depend on OE and the candidate's efforts: other external factors such as the labour market also come into play.

The sessions are carried out by mutual agreement between the Job coach and the candidate. A session ends at the scheduled time even if the candidate is late. A session cancelled by the Job coach is immediately replaced by him/her. If the candidate wishes to change the time and date of a concerted appointment, he must do so at least 48 hours in advance.

The unavailability of the Job Coach can in no case constitute a reason for termination for any reason (illness, resignation, force majeure). In this regard, OE commits to replace this Job coach as soon as possible.

OE respects the confidentiality of personal data collected throughout the process with the candidate. The Job coach respects the code of ethics of his profession. In case of referral from the Actiris consultant, the actions planned with him will be included in the coaching and OE is authorized by the candidate to inform Actiris of the actions taken. The candidate may at any time consult the data collected about him/her during the provision of the service as well as the information transmitted to Actiris.

7: An additional “Job Hunting” service

OE has introduced an additional service called "Job Hunting". This service works in parallel with the candidate's coaching program and autonomous job search and aims to find supplementary job opportunities.

This service is 100% free and optional. The candidate can stop participating in this service at any time. It is independent of the support provided by the job coach.

The candidate can register by filling in a form which he will receive by mail once he has started his coaching program and once he has well-defined his professional project.

The candidate is informed that OE cannot commit to finding job opportunities for every candidate. This additional service does not replace the candidate’s autonomous job search efforts.