There are many career coaching services offered in Brussels. In fact, in my opinion, there is a surplus of “career coaching in Brussels”, which negatively affects our profession and more seriously, hundreds of thousands of young people and adults.

In Brussels you can see the word ‘Coach’ applied to any activity you could imagine: not only career coaches, but a wide range that covers everything from ‘bicycle coach’ to ‘food coach’. And what about ‘shopping coaching’? I’m not joking, all this exists and is promoted!

Regarding career coaching itself, there are also many people being trained and eager to put their skills into practice. Some of them have a good track record in their professional field, which does not guarantee their quality as a career coach. Others are skilled, well trained and passionate about career coaching. The only problem is that while 73% of European employees are not very satisfied with their professional reality, this surplus of career coaches, instead of increasing their awareness and offering a good selection of career coaches, reduces their trust and forces them into an ocean of uncertainty. They wait on and on, while the word ‘coaching’ continues to be misused throughout Brussels and those hundreds of thousands of Belgians and expats that inhabit Brussels continue to suffer from their lack of job satisfaction.

At OrientaEuro we have already helped more than 1 million people all over the world to find the perfect match between their talents, their passions and the job market, through our own methodologies that we call Personalised Career Guidance and Personalised Career Coaching since 2008. We train coaches and continue to spread our proven methodologies all over the world. But what can we do to solve this big problem in Brussels? Should we find another way to call our profession and specifically our career coaching in Brussels? People that are in need of career coaching are still looking through those words (some of them searching in French coaching de carrière à Bruxelles or in Flemish loopbaanbegeleiding in Brussel).

We know that with our methodology, which includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee, people achieve in six sessions what others don’t even dare to propose. But how can we make more people aware of the existence of our services while they are overwhelmed with coaching options?

This is not yet a solved problem for us. We are constantly working to continue spreading the awareness of our services in a city that is really in dire need of it. Any suggestions? You are more than welcome to comment!