Axelle, one of OrientaEuro’s ICF accredited coaches, explains why most of her clients decide to come to OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Coaching, and how she uses her own talents and passions to help them.  Axelle believes that her strongest talent is listening and understanding the situation of others, and that combining this with her passion of relating to others is what makes her a good coach. 

Before Axelle became a coach, she used to be a manager and all of her colleagues used to tell her that she would make a good coach, so she took classes at an ICF certified school.

In Axelle’s experience, most of her clients decide to use Career Coaching as they lack motivation to continue in their current jobs, mainly as they don’t feel needed or useful in that job.  By the end of the coaching process Axelle can see that most of the clients have regained their motivation, either at their current job as they discovered more of their abilities, or to start another job or idea that the coaching had uncovered.

The coaching process starts with self-awareness, which involves knowing their abilities better, all of their talents and passions, all of their career options, and the criteria which the client deems essential in their potential jobs.  Next, this gets matched up with the job market.  The coach is there to help make choices, but it’s up to the client to make and follow an action plan.  Axelle recommends that everybody takes career coaching at least once to make sure they’re on the right career path.