“If you’re looking for the next step in your professional career, contacting and working with an OrientaEuro coach is definitely something that will help you take action and use your passion and energy in a way that makes sense – so come to us!”  – Charline

Charline Desmecht, one of OrientaEuro’s certified Career Coaches, talks about her Personalised Career Coach story, including her training in the core competences, and how this helps her clients. As a career coach it’s her job to help people match their talents, passions and job market.

Being able to use her experience with people to help them find the next step really prompted her to follow her passion and become a career coach.  For 18 months she trained and practised at an ICF qualified institution in Brussels to become a career coach.

Her clients come to coaching for a range of reasons: to become self-employed, to apply for a new job, or to go back to university and resume training.  Often, Career Coaching enables the clients to feel more self-confident, have more self-awareness, and have the energy to undertake new challenges.