“You’re always going to be so much more successful if you pick a career that you want to do” – Nicolas

Nicolas had just finished college when he decided to do Career Coaching, as he believed it’s a very important time to make a wise choice. The coaching sessions helped him find the right path by letting him know himself a little better and to have a clearer picture of the full range of careers available.

Nicolas would recommend Personalised Career Coaching to everybody. Not only those who are just starting out in the job market, but also those who are a little older and are in the middle, or even at the end, of their careers.  After his Personalised Career Coaching, his colleagues would come up to him saying that they wished they had had the experience as they could see how much it helped. Although Career Coaching is an investment in time and in money, in the long term it is a great decision to make now, as it’s better to work out what you want to work for sooner rather than later.  It’s never too late to start or to change, and the benefits are huge. Even if you think you know what you want to do, Career Coaching could help you find something that you had never thought of before.

The Sessions and Tasks 

The questions asked during the sessions were indirect questions, but Nicolas found them helpful to decide how to move forward and what motivates him.  Another exercise which Nicolas found really helpful was filling out a table in which he graded how he felt about certain aspects of his current job, before evaluating which skills he wanted to improve.  The exercise which looked at strengths and weaknesses in a non-conventional way was the most helpful in deciding if a job offer was something that he really wanted to pursue or not.

The Result

Career Coaching enabled Nicolas to have the required tools to focus, narrow down, and concentrate his career possibilities. He will have these with him for the rest of his life, should he need to re-orientate his career in the future.

For Nicolas, the main benefit of taking Career Coaching is self-confidence.  Thanks to OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Coaching, Nicolas had the self-confidence to turn down a job offer which was not exactly what he wanted to do with his life, and in his own words:  “it worked out fantastically” as he was then able to accept a job offer he really wanted.  Nicolas now feels more relaxed, more confident and happier, as he knows he will be happy with the decisions he makes.


If you would like to know yourself better, and have the confidence, like Nicolas, to reject jobs that would not truly make you happy, check out our Personalised Career Coaching programme.