Often Lea-Valérie finds that when the clients arrive at the Personalised Career Coaching they feel frustrated and lack self-confidence. Usually her clients only know the institution where they work, and hence they don’t know all the options available to them.  Through Career Coaching they manage to uncover hidden talents and realise their own strengths.

In this video, Lea-Valérie explains the Personalised Career Coaching process and how the coaching helps her clients to know themselves better. Lea- Valérie has a background in Psychology and Communication at university and has taken further coaching training.

Throughout the career coaching process the clients accomplish a lot as they work hard both during and in between the sessions.  In order for them to obtain the most information possible about themselves, it’s vital to not only self- examine themselves, but also get feedback from their colleagues and family.  By having the client ask themselves and others about their strengths, weaknesses, and how others see them as a person, the client can appreciate the wider picture of their abilities and value to the work force.

Lea-Valérie also mentions that often the clients don’t realise their own talents and it is only by getting this feedback from others that they see their value.

Sometimes the Personalised Career Coaching does not end with a completely different career path in mind, but rather with a new outlook on their current job, as this self-evaluation has allowed them to realise how much they actually love their job and how good they are at it.