Laurent’s daughter Sarah needed guidance to think in the long-term. Laurent remembers a time when people didn’t think so far ahead. He believes parents put a lot of pressure on their children to decide their entire life at a young age.

Laurent liked that the Personalised Career Guidance allowed Sarah to choose her own criteria. Now Sarah can be more confident in her decisions because she was so involved in the process. Sarah is excited about her future and not afraid she made the wrong decision. Laurent thinks it is important for parents to support their children but also that the youths know the decisions they are making are their own. The pressure on Laurent was relieved by being able to offer her a service to make her feel satisfied.

If you know a student graduating from high school soon, or someone is already studying and has realised that what they’re studying is not for them, check out our website to learn more about how OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Guidance will provide you with concrete tools for your future.