Changer de profession: la bonne question

Each person has their own reasons for deciding to change jobs. Many allow themselves to think that when the pleasure is no longer there, it’s time to seriously think about alternatives.

With this in mind, unsatisfied professionals who want to change jobs get busy outside work hours to find an offer on the job market that corresponds to them, anticipating a future transition which is always judged to be risky in a time of financial crisis.

However, will the simple act of ‘changing’ resolve the real problem which brought about this change?


Career repositioning represents a solution and new perspectives. A solution because it’s an answer to a situation that we aren’t happy about or are no longer satisfied with. New perspectives because it opens a new chapter and new opportunities, an additional element to man’s intuitively positive perception of change.

Also, career repositioning is an important step which should be prepared and the consequences of it should be anticipated, even more so in a time of crisis. It can also be a financial risk if you stop all activity and have no income.

In these circumstances, there are certain means that will help the thought processes and the search for concrete solutions while the person is still working (advice from acquaintances, active search for a new job).

In this way, the person is sure to prepare for this potential empty period by promising themselves that they will not start anything else until another professional solution has been found. Today, this measure is the basic rule to be respected for anyone thinking of making a change in their professional life.

But by wanting to avoid this inactivity and the financial consequences too much, most people will forget the very reasons that led them to do this professional repositioning.

Most of the time, when you feel uneasy at work, it’s important to have access to specialists to find the source of the problem. This personalised analysis starts by bringing to light the person’s needs, desire to change and their resources, in order to envisage a future that corresponds to them. To this end, they may want to start university classes again, apply for another job in their company or other initiatives that will get them to a situation judged to be more satisfying.

At Orientaeuro we make the most of the experience and expertise of psychologists and counsellors for these particular questions. They will establish a winning strategy with the person to find a real professional situation for the future.

So a career repositioning which is anticipated and well prepared allows professionals to succeed during an important transition, especially if they don’t have all the answers necessary for a thoughtful and pertinent consideration. Above all, it allows them to find the answers to a problem which is often badly identified right from the start.