(Re)launch your coaching practice with OrientaEuro’s leverage!

Now you could access this unique starter package including training, coaching supervision hours, communication material, administration and commercial services:

  • Training and coaching material: 60+ minutes of video training, exclusive coaching protocol and 26 tools (value: €1400 +VAT)
  • 4 coaching supervision hours with a well-experienced career coach (value: €480 +VAT)
  • 6 decks of OrientaEuro’s Skill Cards (value: €294 +VAT)
  • 6 OrientaEuro’s notebooks and pens
  • 1 book “Go Coach Yourself” (value: €39)
  • 3000 flyers personalised and delivered to you, design included (value: €600 +VAT)
  • Coaching commercial best practices guide and banners ready to use
  • Inclusion in OrientaEuro coaches’ listing and possibility to start receiving additional clients from our side (value: €1600 +VAT for coaching 5 clients 4 sessions each, as an example) *
  • Back-office support for your leads *
  • Back-office support for you, receiving reports, reminders of important dates for your clients’ follow-up, administration of loopbaancheques, etc.) *

Total value: €9404+VAT


* If you are eligible to become a coach for OrientaEuro, can work in some of our more demanded areas and successfully pass a selection interview, you can have the advantages marked with * and have access to this starter package for a symbolic, subsidized price of €600+VAT. Moreover, you will have access to more material after the first 5 clients, for free forever (provided you continue meeting our standards). Please check here if you are eligible for this special price and for working with us, and if so, please apply using the button at the bottom of that page.

If you are not eligible, as you will not benefit from the items marked in *, we will discount these items, being the total price for you €2804+VAT.


Everything will be stated in a clear, simple written agreement. Both parts reserve the right to stop working together at any moment. The supervision hours, have a validity of 3 months, after which the remaining hours are lost. In case the coach benefits from a special discount, the coaching supervision hours and the printed material have to be used exclusively for clients coached through OrientaEuro. All the printed material will be delivered to your office/home, and the digital material be accessible for you while working together or 3 months after having finished working together.

Please make your corresponding payment using the following details:
OrientaEuro bvba/sprl
TVA: BE0666.514.219
Witte Patersstraat 4 Rue des Pères Blancs, 1040 Etterbeek
Bank account: BE20 3630 3233 1756
Bank: ING
Communication: Your full name and “Coach starter package”

And send us your proof of payment, your billing information and the address to deliver the material to info@www.orientaeuro.be