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OrientaEuro’s coaches are already well-trained, experienced and certified coaches which are additionally trained and supervised under our own, proven methodologies. We are not a coaching school.


Are you already a professional coach?
We are willing to meet you. Please learn more about how it is to work as a coach for OrientaEuro >>


Are you thinking about becoming a coach?
From our experience recruiting, selecting and working with coaches from different schools in Belgium, and after having analyzed their different programmes, we could recommend you to consider the following coaching schools in Belgium (please contact them directly):[/headline]


[headline style=’3′]PRD Coaching is a coaching school led by Philippe R. Declercq. Develop your career as a professional coach and grow into a “career coach” with PRD Coaching. [Read +][/headline]



[headline style=’3′]Leading and Coaching Academy is a coaching school led by Pierre-Jean De Jonghe, one of the coaching pioneers in Belgium. It is certified by the International Coaching Federation and … [Read +][/headline]


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