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Hesitating what to do next? Which school to choose? What to study? Should I follow what my mom suggests to do? Should I listen to a teacher? Should I follow studies to become my dad?

Choosing the right studies, and picking the right subjects might not be so easy. You are pressured by your parents, and influenced by your friends and teachers. Are you dreaming of becoming a film star, hesitating between becoming a doctor or a lawyer, or are completely undecided and feel alone in this decision?
[/headline] [headline style=’3′] Moed!”, “Don’t be too harsh on yourself!”, “Il faut vivre ses passions! …[/headline] [headline style=’3′]…Those are the exemplary pieces of advice in Dutch, English, and French that some of the Seniors living in Belgium would like to share with young adults prior to them choosing their studies and career.

In those short episodes they share their experience on how they made decisions for their studies and career paths, what is most important looking from their current perspective, and who to listen to when making this difficult choice of school choice.

Watch more of these inspirational short videos by Seniors! The videos could help you in better choosing your studies, enjoying it and finding a dream job afterwards.
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“I know what I like.
If you like what you do, you will do it well.”

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“Dance. That is my passion.
Talent is something that you have within yourself.”

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“You are young and you choose a certain field of study. And then it can happen that this turns out to be completely the wrong study for you. (…) I believe you should be given the opportunity to review your choice. (…) There comes a time when you have to say “I am going for it” (…) Your parents have to invest quite a lot to make this happen for you, but it’s you who can make it.”

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“Don’t be scared to change your ideas, or to distance yourself from what your family sometimes forces you to do because of the influence of their traditions, neighbours, acquaintances…”

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“Follow your heart. Go for your ambitions. Don’t listen too much to your parents, to what they say, or what they want you to do. Gather a lot of information… Talk with other students or other people who already have a few years of experience in the sector and ask them about their experience.”

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“You should see, not just what you are good at but also, if you want to earn money. You should see whether it holds a future or not. And only then you should make your choice.”

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“Look for something you are passionate about or what you show an aptitude for.
You can start a company of your own. But know: for the first 5 years you won’t make much money.”

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“Not everyone is talented but everyone can be passionate about something. I have always used my talents in jewellery making thanks to my talents as an artist. You can make a living out of your talents and passions but you need to go more in-depth and always keep on improving to become better and better. That is the only way, as being superficial is not enough and will not work out well. You should follow your passions. It is crucial to fight for them. No matter what! Unfortunately not everybody is apt to discover their talents. Sometimes we are not directed well enough to discover them. Sometimes we are not well guided to understand that we should actually search for those talents.”


Ahead of his first book publication in Belgium, Vivier thinks that it is feasible to be passionate without having any talents; just as it is possible to have talents without being passionate about them. The ideal situation would be to have a combination of both: to have talents and to be passionate about them. Maybe sometimes it is just a question of correctly identifying our passions and talents? “It is important to prioritise what we are passionate about, over the sole financial income” and he strongly encourages young people to confront their life: “Be independent, never conform to others, and start discovering how beautiful life is!”


Chantal directly acknowledges her regrets and says “I should have listened to myself more than to the people around me”. Fabrice agrees and makes a reference to an internal music: “we have to listen to our internal music” and he advises us on the ways we can hear this music: “you have to take some time to listen to yourself and not to rush some of the decisions you make in life.” Furthermore Fabrice warns us that “surrounded by all the friends, family and external daily influences we might miss our happiness. We don’t pay enough attention to our internal voice and we risk only finding ourselves at 40, realising that we had been doing things we actually didn’t enjoy”. Besides getting to know yourself better, he suggests, “to accept yourself, to accept your own mistakes and not to be too harsh on yourself” in order to make your life more pleasing.

Fabrice and Chantal   




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We hope that some of the advice from experienced Seniors were useful for you, that they encouraged you to take the step of choosing the right studies more seriously.

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Choosing the right studies, and picking the right subjects might not be so easy. You are pressured by your parents, and influenced by your friends and teachers. Are you dreaming of becoming a film star, hesitating between becoming a doctor or a lawyer, or are completely undecided and feel alone in this decision?

At OrientaEuro we focus on your talents and passions and we believe you should first discover them and then choose the best studies for you, which you will truly enjoy and will take you to your dream job.

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• Get more inspiration reading our blog.
• Follow a personalised Career Guidance process with a coach fully dedicated to you who will help you find your talents and passions and who will guide you to best choose your next studies.

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The videos are a fruit of “Seniors and Youth” inter-generational project. Click here to find more about this project.


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