How to Get a Job You Love 2015-2016 Edition

How to Get a Job You Love, the UK’s definitive careers guidebook, has undergone its biggest update in over a decade. This revamped and substantially updated edition reflects the latest changes in the rapidly evolving UK job market.

Put simply, How to Get a Job You Love provides all of the inspiration and motivation needed embark on a change of career, or to identify what sort of career you want in the first place. It’s also packed full of practical hints, tips and useful resources.

Insightful exercises and activities guide the reader on a path of discovery to help identify their skills, passions and motivators and find ways to apply these to their professional and personal lives.


How to reinvigorate your work after the recession, particularly for those who have hidden in safe jobs
How to navigate the hidden job market through networking and social media
How to shorten the length of your job search
Brand new exercises to draw out your hidden skills and values
New insights into how employers prefer to recruit
Up-to-date interview tips from recruitment experts
Advice on how to perform well in your first 90 days in a new role