cambiar de carrera

Talking to your parents, telling them what you need, what you want, that you want to make a change, that you ‘were wrong’ and that it was not the career for you, is easy.

Although it may seem like quite the contrary, your parents want what is best for you…

Do they have expectations? Of course they do, and have had since you were born, or even before you were born … and rightly so: every father, every mother, expects things of their children, but basically what they expect, what they want, is for their child to be happy with what they do, to find what they are truly passionate about, knowing that if this occurs, their child will know what well-being is in their profession.

Do you know what really is very difficult? … That you yourself recognise… see … approach it! That’s the real challenge. You can face your own fears without thinking that you failed, your real doubts without thinking that you’re not capable.

Facing these ghosts takes you to that place, to that initial question, which is the founding stone for choosing your professional future, from which you should have started working but maybe you didn’t at the time. The question is not what career and studies do I choose? The question is who am I at the time of choosing?

If this is your situation, don’t think twice, face it, acknowledge it. Talk to your parents; they are the best suited to helping you. And if they do not know how, they will at least look for outside help, from those who dedicate themselves to career guidance.

Come on! Your future is yours; nobody can do it for you.