A love of a different kind. The love of your working life.


OrientaEuro Belgium is a career guidance and coaching non-profit organisation. OrientaEuro helps people find the intersection between what they want to do (passions), what they can do well (talents, skills) and what others value. It is a life-long opportunity. Any age, any situation – we can help you.


Career Guidance is mainly aimed towards a younger audience: the teenagers in their last two years of secondary school or even those at university. We help those students who are unsure of what to study at university. Instead of being yet another pile of information for the students to sift through, we help them process all the information after having used very effective techniques to help them establish and discover their passions, talents, strengths, weaknesses etc. This way they make a decision that they are happy with pursuing – therefore reducing the impending risk of needing Career Coaching in their adult life…


Career Coaching helps those who are currently unemployed AND those who ARE employed, but who are not 100% satisfied with what they do, to improve or reinforce their career path. Like with Career Guidance we help you to recognise your passions and talents, and realise where you want to be, to utilise these along with your strengths, in order to help you achieve your own professional success. Your career should only impact your personal and private life in a positive way. We strive for you to achieve professional satisfaction.


Of course, both programmes have lot in common. The most important similarity is how both work with the goal of allowing you to make a living out of your passions and talents. We believe that everyone has the right to be happy in their workplace. And, after all, you’re more likely to do well in something you enjoy doing than doing something you have no interest in doing.

On closer inspection of the programmes we offer, you may notice that the Career Guidance programmes and the Career Coaching programmes look very similar. In fact, you would be correct. They principally work with similar methodologies but responding to a different intermediate goal towards professional success: whether it be selecting your studies or re-positioning yourself in the job market, and depending on the stage of your life.

OrientaEuro’s distinctive characteristic is the way in which our service is very personalised. We take into account the specific needs of the individual, and the counsellor (career guidance) or the coach (career coaching) uses the corresponding tools to make the most of your process.


For Seniors:
we also help adults that are close to their retirement age or that are already retired, and who want to put their talents and passions to the benefit of others. These could be used within a formal workplace but also, on other occasions, on a voluntary basis. As before, the methodology we use is similar, and equally effective: introspection and identification of skills, strengths, objectives, values, etc.; then analysis of the different ways interaction with others could/should be practised, and finally defining a concrete action plan that will be put into action.


Regardless your age, we have the solution for you: it is never too late nor is it too early to (re)shape a satisfying future when you put your talents and passions to the benefit of your self-realisation!