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✓ Are you professionally active?
✓ Would you like to have a huge positive impact in someone’s life?
✓ Could you help someone to (re)enter the job market?

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How does it work?

  • We will make the matching and only propose you to mentor someone really willing and able to be mentored, with whom chances are very high you would get along well and be willing to help him/her.
  • You will both be trained and supported throughout the mentoring stage.
  • You should meet twice per month during 6 months, at your convenience, following an action plan and modules you will both decide together.
  • You will help your mentee to establish goals, define and implement an action plan, and grow their professional network
  • You will provide your mentee practical help with their job applications (targeting, motivation letters, CV’s), prepare them for job interviews, and help them keep a high level of self-confidence and motivation, critical for coping with the job search process.

Where and when?

You and your mentee would decide when to meet. In principle, they would adapt to your availability and convenience. If you prefer not to meet at your working place, you could also use our meeting rooms.


English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese…

100% voluntarily. 100% for free.

The training and support received from our part, as well as the mentoring you would provide, are all offered for free. Our professional matching, training, support, supervision and administrative work is currently only funded by our own resources. We expect it to be funded by some public institution in the future so as to make it bigger and more sustainable.

What's in it for you?

Contribute to the society

Contribute, one person at a time, to solve one of the biggest problems of our society: unemployment. See the direct results of your efforts.

Acquire mentoring and coaching skills

Be trained and supported, and acquire/improve very valuable mentoring and coaching skills, which are transferable to any other domain on top of job mentoring/coaching.

Reinforce your network

Get to know other mentors and increase your professional network.

Make it visible

Your voluntary professional activity would look great on your CV, LinkedIn profile, etc.., widening and deepening your professional profile.

"Having a mentor is a luxury that only few people have the chance to find, so it would be an honor to be someone's mentor." - Yann Vonderscher

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