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[toggles_item title=’Because everyone deserves to make a living out of their talents and passions…’] OrientaEuro Belgium asbl was established with the aim of providing more people with high quality guidance and coaching services through innovative methodologies with the objective of promoting lifelong professional and/or personal development and well-being.

We bring together a team of psychologists, career guidance counsellors and career coaches certified in OrientaEuro Ltd (UK) and Desarrollarme’s (Argentina) methodologies, as well as professionals with international experience in both academia and the professional world.

We believe that real professional (and personal) success comes from finding the perfect match between your talents, your passions and what is valued in society and/or on the job market.
Where needed, we accompany individuals in searching for their academic and professional path once finishing school, in repositioning themselves professionally during adulthood, or in finding new projects on the brink of retirement.

To reach this objective, we use innovative methodologies that combine self-knowledge techniques, a wide analysis of the external reality (studies, professions, life circumstances) and decision-making tools.

We work in French, Dutch, English and Spanish.

Anne-Françoise Martens


Contact us regarding any additional information, request or collaboration proposal.

[button style=’regular’ size=’medium’ link=’contact-us’]CONTACT US[/button] [toggles_item title=’NEW: Cross-generational project – “Seniors and youth”‘][content id=2896][/toggles_item] [toggles_item title=’Our methodology’] Our work methodology draws on the person’s resources, talents, interests, objectives and the reality of the external world. Finally in our process, self-awareness and external reality analysis meet the art of decision making, enabling the person to make the best possible choice:

[/toggles_item] [toggles_item title=’Personalised Career Guidance for students and young professionals’] To help students make a smart choice regarding the studies and career, OrientaEuro Belgium asbl offers 6 individual sessions plus homework tasks to be completed in between sessions under the continued supervision of the counsellor, a trained psychologist.

First, the counsellor focuses on helping the student identify their personal characteristics (wishes, worries, objectives, talents, priorities). Taking into account these personal elements is crucial because it is on this basis that the counsellor can help the person better understand themselves. It can also detect those vulnerabilities that could interfere with the young person’s future, and help identifying possible solutions to that threat. Particular interests are very relevant as the student is often too young to well self-analyse. In many cases, these students are too young to be able to carry out thorough self-analysis. Thus, our counsellors aid in the discovery of important parts of the personality by paying particular attention to the students’ interests and hobbies.

Secondly, the counsellor suggests various study choices and career paths according to the personal characteristics of the student. It is through this one-on-one exchange that the student’s future and choice of studies and career begins to take shape. Throughout the whole process, the counsellors commit themselves to understanding how the student makes decisions and to provide them with the specific complementary tools they need in order to progress. [/toggles_item] [toggles_item title=’Career Coaching for adults ‘]Professional success lies at the intersection of what one wants to do, what one can do and what is valued by the job market. Most adults realise at one point or another during their professional life that they have fallen out of sync with this intersection – when they are feeling unhappy with their current job situation or when they feel the career path they’ve chosen isn’t right for them anymore, career coaching can help.

During the first session, the coach applies a set of techniques to bring the person to a high degree of self-knowledge and self-awareness. They will identify the person’s real interests, drives, priorities, needs, potentials, values, strengths, weaknesses and skills, all whilst analysing their past career.

Gradually, these sessions will get the person to analyse the different action plans compatible with their personal profile and their objectives. Then, they will adjust them with the coach until they will have developed a detailed action plan for the short, medium and long term career change or adjustment.
This process provides the tools necessary for reaching a real professional success – adapted to the personality and objectives of each person.
[/toggles_item] [toggles_item title=’Awareness-raising activities’]OrientaEuro Belgium asbl organizes awareness-raising workshops, specifically developed for young people embarking on the final three years of secondary education. These activities are based on our proven three-axis model: self-knowledge, analysis of the outside world and decision-making tools..

The workshops consist of fun activities designed to actively integrate key concepts and personal investment at the time when participants are deciding their professional future. We use a principle of ‘serious fun’ that makes learning easier, and gives a high level of understanding of important, complex themes, or even the social and organisational impact. This active teaching creates a lot of motivation, participation, cooperation, immersion, teaching and changes.

[/toggles_item] [toggles_item title=’Conferences for parents ‘] OrientaEuro Belgium asbl organises conferences developed specifically for parents with the aim of guiding and informing them of their role in their child’s future career choice and in promoting their self-confidence. Moreover, OrientaEuro Belgium asbl counsellors and coaches following our innovative methodologies.

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