[headline style=’3′] Our mission is to help people find the perfect match between their talents, passions, and what is valued by society and/or the job market.[/headline]
[headline style=’3′]We are open to partnership proposals:[/headline]
  • Calls for proposals
  • Exchanges of expertise, best practices
  • Research
  • Awareness-raising
  • Career guidance and career coaching activities for various target groups
[headline style=’3′]Our expertise[/headline]

We have at our disposal a team of psychologists, career guidance counsellors and career coaches, certified through the methods of OrientaEuro Ltd. (UK) and Desarrollarme (Argentina) as well as professionals in education and the working world.

We have expertise in career guidance and career coaching methodology. Our experience in this area also includes the carrying out of guidance and coaching activities in workshops, online, and through individual sessions.

Communication and dissemination in relation to career guidance, career coaching, and career development are likewise part of our competences.[headline style=’3′]An international aspect[/headline]

Professional succes is a question of world-wide relevance. Along with OrientaEuro Ltd. (UK) and Desarrollarme (Argentine), OrientaEuro Belgium asbl takes an interest in international partnerships.


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[headline style=’3′]Our partners:[/headline]

Ville de Bruxelles
Ville de Bruxelles/Stad Brussel
Project “Seniors and Youth”


Les Ateliers des Tanneurs
Ateliers des Tanneurs
Accommodation and institutional contacts


Conferences and “Privilege” programme


CPAS Bruxelles
CPAS Bruxelles/ Brussel OCMW
Project “Seniors and Youth”


Federatie Onafhenkelijke Senioren
Project “Seniors and Youth”


Senior Active
Senior Active
Project “Seniors and Youth”


Seniorem centrum
Senioren centrum
Project “Seniors and Youth”


Reseau MAG
Reseau MAG
Project “Talents, Passions, Professions”


VUB Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
“Spur Your Studies in Brussels”


BSB - British School of Brussels
British School of Brussels
“Careers Day”


Desarrollarme - orientación vocacional Desarrollarme


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