How will it help me?
The Personalised Career Guidance process will help you find and follow the studies that suit you the most in order to achieve self-realisation and professional satisfaction right from the start. OrientaEuro helps people find the perfect match between what they love to do (passions), what they can do well (talents) and meaningful opportunities to apply these talents/passions to their studies and career. It is an opportunity with life-long results.
What will I get from this experience?
At the end of the process you will have a clear idea of what you are passionate about, your talents, strengths, weaknesses, objectives and priorities. You will be more aware of and better informed on the career that best suits you and that you want to follow, and which studies to pursue at university or college.
Who is this for?
  • Any young person looking for help in deciding what to study, or what to do in the next step of their professional life, after they have left school, be that going to university or college, becoming an entrepreneur or starting an apprenticeship.
  • Anyone who will have to select their studies for the first time, rather than follow the set school curriculum like they have previously.
  • People who are thinking of quitting, or who have already quit, their studies (be it from school or university) and want to properly select the subject that best suits them.
  • Anyone who has already finished their bachelor’s degree (our congratulations) but is unsure of whether or not to continue their studies by doing a master’s degree (and if so, anyone looking for guidance in defining their master’s degree.
I don’t want to start a new degree but I’m still lost in my career choice. Is this for me?
Yes. Personalised Career Guidance is useful for those who want to change career but not necessarily start new studies. The process is personalised, meaning that it would contain more elements from the Personalised Career Coaching programme if these were relevant to your circumstances, but you don’t need to worry about the name of the process – you just need to know that we will customise it to fit your needs.
What age is Career Guidance open to?
Career Guidance welcomes any student of any age, but particularly those who are about to leave secondary school (15+).
I know what I want to study. Should I still have Personalised Career Guidance?
Career Guidance is not limited to students who are unsure of what they want to study. It can also be useful for those who already have an idea on what they want to study. Our process will help you discover your strengths, weaknesses, passions and talents, which will help you regardless of your choice of study. It may even help you realise that you should pursue a different career path or verify why your previous career plan is suitable for you. It all starts with the motivation and self-confidence needed to succeed throughout your higher education.
I don’t know where to study. Can you help me?
Before you can make an informed decision about where to study, it’s a good idea to first think about what you want to study – to know what you want to study, it’s always beneficial to start by knowing yourself. With our Personalised Career Guidance Process we will help you through a 4-step process: Self-awareness, External Reality, Decision Making and Effective Implementation. All four of these steps will help you define your goals, passions and desires and therefore what it is you want to study and where – if, at the end of the day, you still think that continuing with higher education is the right path for you. We will not only explore your passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses, but also help you discover the endless career options and their corresponding studies. Once you have completed the process, you will have a better idea of what you want from your university career so you can make the decision about where to study. We will be here to help, as and when you need it.
Is Personalised Career Guidance a psychological/ therapeutic process?
This is not a psychological process in the everyday sense. Our Personalised Career Guidance process will be carried out by a counsellor certified in our proven methodology, which includes many tools and concepts derived from psychology however it is not a therapeutic process. The counsellor will help you manage the stress of choosing your studies and career but the main outcome is for you to make your own informed decision about your studies and your career. We aim to focus on your present and your future, not your past.
Does it mean that I have problems if I need this process and can’t make this decision by my own?
No, not at all. There is no shame in asking for help. We are merely here to help guide you in the right direction. Moreover, this a very tough decision to make by yourself. Unfortunately the vast majority of people who do so without guidance fail – for instance, in Belgium, more than 60% of students fail in their first year at university, and more than 63% of graduated professionals regret their career choice. So, there’s no reason to be ashamed of asking for help to succeed in this critical decision.
What is the best time/age to do it?
It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Nevertheless, to make the most of our Personalised Career Guidance process we recommend you to take it one or two years before leaving secondary school.
I failed my first year of University. I’m not sure if I’m studying the right thing. Can you help?
Yes. We’re sorry you didn’t achieve the results you were hoping for in your university experience, but we can help you get back on the horse. It’s never too late to go back to university, however, this time you’ll have our support to help you figure out what exactly it is that you want to study and where your skills and talents lie.
Is it a bad idea to change my degree at this stage of my studies?
Only you can decide whether you think it is a good idea. We are here to help you make that decision. Our motto is that everyone deserves to make a living out of their talents and passions. If you feel that the path you are currently on is not making you happy, it would be wise to take our Personalised Career Guidance. In this process, we will evaluate your passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses together. The most important thing is for you to be happy in what you do, and we want to help you achieve that.
Would I be throwing away all those years of studying something else?
In our eyes, it is never too late to start doing something you are passionate about. Moreover, sometimes there is no need to start doing something completely new, but to make some key adjustments that will help make a huge difference. Your current skills may still be of use to you when transferred to a new career path.
Am I not too old for this? Is it not too late to start studying?
No. Even in cases where our clients decide to do something completely new, there are plenty of skills from previous education and working experience you can put into practice in a new venture. A significant part of our process is the identification of those transferable skills and resources (e.g. contacts, certificates, credentials) in order to leverage your previous efforts and achievements to your advantage. Regardless your age, we have the solution for you: it is never too late or too early to (re)shape a satisfying future when you put your talents and passions to good use to the benefit of your self-realisation!
I’m unsure whether doing a master's degree is for me. What should I do?
A master’s degree isn’t for everyone, but it may be a perfect fit for others. With the Personalised Career Guidance process we will help you decide whether a master’s degree is the right choice for you. Maybe you persevered with your bachelor’s degree but you would have preferred to study something else and doing a master’s presents itself as the perfect opportunity to do so. With your master’s, it’s essential to have a clear plan from the outset – study what you are passionate about and recognise where your talents lie. Allow us to go through the thought process with you. The Personalised Career Guidance process will help you profit from your experience and put you on the right path to professional satisfaction and self-realisation.
Will the Personalised Career Guidance tell me what job I should be in?
No – and no Careers Guidance programme should tell you what job you should be in. You will define it during the process with the help of your counsellor/coach, based on our comprehensive process covering self-awareness, external reality analysis and decision-making skills.
I’m not ‘made’ for higher education. Is this process still relevant to me?
Yes – this process is for everyone. We know how higher education may not be the right choice for everyone and that’s very important to recognise in making your first steps in the right direction towards your happy working life. Our process helps you become self-aware and reach self-realisation. We will help you find your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on the areas that suit you best to make the most of your time (and therefore the most of your future). If university isn’t for you, maybe training courses, work experience or apprenticeships are – we will help you determine the right path for YOU.
How long does the programme last?
The Personalised Career Guidance process normally lasts 6 weeks, but if you want to speed up the process, we can arrange to have the sessions more frequently than once a week.
Is there homework?
Yes. We propose certain activities for you do at home with the help of our textbook and workbook, and the follow-up support of your counsellor.
What languages do you offer the programmes in?
We offer our services in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Romanian, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.
What happens if I don’t live near one of your counsellors/coaches?
We can arrange for you to have your one-on-one sessions carried out online, via Skype at a time that is most convenient for you between the hours 9am-8pm (weekdays) and 9am-1pm (Saturdays).
What skills do I need?
You don’t need any specific skills to carry out the process. You just need to attend your sessions with a positive outlook and a willingness to work and we will help you discover (or develop) what skills you have.
As a parent/guardian, how can I be sure that this will be a good investment?
We understand that as a parent you are concerned about the future of your child. Our team is very experienced and we want nothing more than to help you child be successful and happy in their future career. We have had a lot of positive feedback from both students and parents – you can check the video testimonials we have, read the press articles or even have a clarification session if necessary.
As the child’s parent/guardian, could I sit in on the sessions?
We understand your concern and we invite parents to participate in the first part of the first session as well on the last one. However, it is important to recognise that for us the focus of this process is your child, who should make their own decisions and speak their mind throughout, as this is the first “adult” decision they have to make in their lives. Participating on the first part of the first session (or a specific clarification session in case you feel you need it) will let you witness the process for yourself and verify the professional and amiable qualities of the certified coach who will guide your child through the entire Personalised Career Guidance process.
Where can I find more information about OrientaEuro?
We have already received a lot of positive feedback from previous clients and the press since our founding in 2012. We encourage you to watch some of the testimonials from past clients on our YouTube page. Although OrientaEuro now operates in Europe, our concept and methodologies stem from our sister company – the very successful ‘Desarrollarme’, in Argentina, which was founded in 2008. You can also find many testimonials and press articles with positive feedback for Desarrollarme, which was awarded by the Government of Buenos Aires for its innovative model and positive impact on the population.
What is the difference between Career Coaching and Career Guidance?
Career Guidance is just a specific case of our Personalised Career Coaching process, better suited to a younger audience: helping young people in school or university analyse their options when it comes to their career and their studies. It focuses on establishing their talents and passions and developing the skills needed to make good decisions in what to study and where, reducing the probability of needing Career Coaching in their adult life. Career Coaching, like Career Guidance, will help you recognise your profile and analyse a wide range of options in the job market – including the possibility to become self-employed; not only will it help you to utilise your strengths but it will help you achieve your own professional success, without necessarily having to do new studies or training. It has a focus on people who are already established in a certain field or career. Career Guidance follows the same methodology of identifying individual talents and passions, but focuses on students and studies that with help them in their future career plan.
What makes OrientaEuro unique?
Unlike other options, we focus on finding the perfect match between your passions, your talents and meaningful opportunities to add value to others. Personalising our services in this way is OrientaEuro’s defining characteristic, we take your specific needs as an individual into account, and your coach uses our strategic approach and corresponding tools to make the most of your process. Another special characteristic of OrientaEuro is that we offer our services in a variety of languages and have an international approach, as well as our coaches coming from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.
Who are the counsellors and how experienced are they?
We have a team of certified coaches, all of whom have a good track record in various sectors.
Why does it cost what it does?
We realise the price of our personalised programmes implies a significant investment. This is due to the work of the coaches, who have invested a lot of time in their training, certification and continuous update of their techniques and methodologies. Our coaches are dedicated to you from the beginning to the end of your process, both during and between sessions.
Do you have references of others who have taken the Personalised Career Guidance?
Yes. We have video testimonials on OrientaEuro’s YouTube channel (don’t forget – you can to activate the subtitles to profit from the testimonials of people from different countries and languages, too!)

Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.