[parallax id=”2858″][banner title=”Boost your professional project with us”] Are you planning to start up a new professional project, to take your existing professional project further, or to do a systematic job search?
Boost your efforts with the benefits of our programme!

[headline style=’3′]Are your plans for your new professional project on track? Whether you are launching a job search, starting your own business, or taking a new initiative within an existing project, ask yourself: are you doing the bare minimum or are you aiming to create outstanding conditions for your project to succeed?[/headline] [headline style=’3′]If you want to leverage your full potential, seize the most advantageous opportunities and secure high levels of self-confidence and motivation, the Professional Boost Programme is for you.[/headline] [parallax id=”34″][headline style=’2′]Benefits of our Professional Boost Programme:[/headline][features cat=’professional_career_boost_programme_steps’][/parallax] [line style=’solid’ height=’4′ color=’#8fc2ea’ top=’30’ bottom=’0′]
[headline style=’2′]Eligibility Criteria:[/headline]
[headline style=’3′]If you fulfill the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for the Professional Boost Programme and benefit from its features for the special price of 200€/month instead of its market value of 490€/month:[/headline] [headline style=’3′]
  • You have already graduated or are close to finishing your studies.
  • You are committed to your professional well-being.
  • You are interested in sharing some of your questions, hypotheses, problems and ideas with peers from other domains, in a confidential environment.
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[headline style=’3′]Apply today to join the Professional Career Boost Programme.
If you fulfill the eligibility criteria listed above, submit your application today to benefit from the Professional Boost Programme at the discounted price of 200€/month (instead of 490€):

[list style=’regular’] [list_item]Monthly Coaching (market value: 120€/month)[/list_item] [list_item]Professional Environment (market value: 280€/month)[/list_item] [list_item]Peer Feedback (market value: 90€/month)[/list_item] [/list]
Only 3 spaces left!

Note: Eligibility to apply does not automatically guarantee approval of your application. We reserve the right to refuse any application that is not suitable for our programme or for availability reasons.
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