[parallax id=”4612″][banner title=’Profit from your talents and passions in a meaningful retirement’] Make the most of your new freedom.
Redefine your identity beyond your professional path.
Maintain a good level of motivation and self-confidence.
Reinvent yourself and create new challenges for yourself.
Stay active while helping others with your talents and passions.[/banner][/parallax] [headline style=’3′] The retirement period is an opportunity to pick up any hopes and ambitions put aside during your working life. Your career took up a considerable proportion of your time, energy and attention for many years, but now you have your future in front of you. It’s time to make a fresh start in life with the help of our Personalised Retirement Coaching.[/headline]

[headline style=’3′]Retirement is the perfect time to bring your dreams to life. It is an excellent opportunity to achieve personal fulfilment: finding the perfect match between your talents, your passions and meaningful opportunities to add value to others.[/headline] [headline style=’3′] Our Personalised Retirement Coaching allows you to assess your professional life and determine who you are today and who you want to become in the coming years, as well as to define meaningful projects in which you want to invest your energy, time and resources.[/headline] [headline style=’3′] The objectives of the Personalised Retirement Coaching are as follows:
• To value your professional and personal journey to begin a new chapter of your career.
• To take control of all aspects of your retirement.[/headline] [headline style=’3′]Thanks to OrientaEuro’s Personalised Retirement Coaching you will:[/headline] [parallax id=”34″][features cat=’retirement_coaching_steps’] [headline style=’3′]Some possible options and questions resolved during the Personalised Retirement Coaching:[/headline] [list style=’regular’][headline style=’3′][list_item]To stay at work a few more years. Under what conditions? Fow how long? Why – and why not?[/list_item] [list_item]To travel around. For what purpose? How do I wish to travel? How can I make the most of it? What are my real limitations, my fears and my desires?[/list_item] [list_item]To study a new discipline. Where? When? How often? With what objectives? How can I manage the age difference with other students?[/list_item] [list_item]To start-up a business or work as an independent professional (e.g. as a consultant). With what objective? Under what conditions? Which skills do I have to make the post of it and how do I make up for missing resources? What risks can I take?[/list_item] [list_item]To donate my time and talents to causes I believe in. Where? How can I define my time commitment? How do I apply? How will I be selected? What are my goals?[/list_item] [list_item]To teach, mentor or coach young people so as to transfer my knowledge and professional experience. Who will be interested? Do I have the capacity to transfer my knowledge? How will I manage teaching students who may know more than me? What will be the advantages and disadvantages for me in this activity?[/list_item] [list_item]To move to another area, city or country. Would I need to learn other languages? Am I willing to start from scratch? Should I come back to my place of origin? Would I feel more ‘at home’ here or there?[/list_item] [list_item]To dedicate more time to my hobbies. How much time do I wish to devote to them? How do I avoid making my hobby into feel like work? What if I convert this hobby along with my talents and passions into a more ambitious project?[/list_item] [list_item]To dedicate time to my family, my grandchildren, my elderly parents, my friends. How much time would I like to devote to them? How can I keep time for myself?[/list_item] [/headline][/list]  

[headline style=’3′]How does the Personalised Retirement Coaching work?[/headline] [headline style=’3′] With OrientaEuro’s Personalised Retirement Coaching, one of our coaches will be dedicated to you. You will work individually with them during 6 individual weekly sessions. Your coach may ask you to complete additional exercises between sessions to supplement your process.[/headline] [headline style=’3′] You will clearly identify your unique profile, analyse the external reality and make clear decisions about your future steps: what to do, how, where, when and why.[/headline] [headline style=’3′] The first session will be dedicated to clearly defining your past track and your current and desired situation. Through exercises, tests, questions and other techniques, you will gain a high degree of self-awareness: identifying your motivation, desires, priorities, needs, potential, talents, values, strengths, weaknesses and skills. During the following sessions you will analyse different courses of action aimed at your profile and your previously identified objectives, creating a detailed action plan for the short, mid and long-term. This will empower you to reach a successful retirement: a stage in your life suited to your personality and goals.[/headline] [headline style=’3′]After the 6 sessions, you can opt-in to benefit from our follow-up to help you implement your projects and your activities, and to make sure you enjoy the first months of this radical change. You will be able to regularly assess the situation and adjust your mood, analyse what you feel and draw positive energy to move forward. This additional programme includes a monthly one-hour session with your coach and contract with them to answer your questions and to follow-up by email between sessions.[/headline]  
[headline style=’3′]Where, when, and in which language?[/headline]
[headline style=’3′]You can attend OrientaEuro’s Personalised Retirement Coaching in any of our 100+ locations throughout Belgium.[/headline] [headline style=’3′]We also offer the possibility to organise sessions by Skype.

      Sessions may take place between 8:00 and 21:00 on weekdays, and between 9:00 and 13:00 on Saturdays, in your preferred language:

    • English
    • Dutch
    • French
    • Spanish
    • German
    • Romanian
    • Danish
    • Norwegian
    • Swedish

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