Sophie’s mum, Sara, wanted her daughter to obtain a better understanding of herself. She expected that through the Personalised Career Guidance process Sophie would become aware of her capabilities and learn how to profit from them. Through OrientaEuro all of Sara’s intentions were realised.

Sara noticed patterns of stress that her daughter was showing. She believed Sophie needed the tools and structure to build a comfortable future. She searched online to see if there was anything to help her daughter outside of their family support. Sara had high expectations and OrientaEuro fulfilled all of them. Sara says she would recommend OrientaEuro to students who are about to graduate high school because being confident in your studies is extremely important. Sara hopes that students will find out about this process and realise it is a priceless investment.

If you know a student finishing Secondary school soon, or someone who is already studying and has realised that what they’re studying is not for them, check out our website to learn more about how OrientaEuro’s Personalised Career Guidance will provide you with concrete tools for your future.