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[headline style=’3′]Choosing a future career is a tough challenge for young students – helping them in that demanding yet crucial process might be an even tougher challenge for secondary schools focused on quality education.[/headline] [headline style=’3′]When you bring our career guidance expertise into your school, you multiply the results of your current efforts by allowing us to provide the additional tools students need in order to be able to make the most of the career guidance and ample information made available to them.[/headline] [parallax id=”34″][headline style=’2′]Benefits of our Secondary School Programme:[/headline][features cat=’secondary_school_programme_steps’][/parallax] [headline style=’3′]Some schools put a lot of effort into providing students with abundant information about universities and application processes, others dedicate increasing amounts of time visiting university fairs or organising meetings with selected professionals. All of these efforts are helpful and beneficial for young students – but without a more comprehensive career guidance process which helps students develop a deep self-awareness and decision-making skills, they might lack the necessary tools to deal with the overload of information and properly choose their next career steps.[/headline] [headline style=’3′]This is where OrientaEuro’s Secondary School Programme comes in. Together, we enable them to make the right choice to be on their way to achieve real professional success: to achieve the perfect match between their talents, their passions and the needs of the job market.[/headline] [line style=’solid’ height=’4′ color=’#8fc2ea’ top=’30’ bottom=’0′]
[headline style=’2′]Eligibility Criteria:[/headline]
[headline style=’3′]If you fulfill the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for the Secondary Schools Programme and benefit from its features at reduced fees:[/headline] [headline style=’3′]
  • You are a representative or you are linked to a Secondary School either as staff member, a parent, or a student.
  • You are able to convene a group of minimum 20 students in their last two years of secondary education to the Workshop for Students.
  • You are able to convene a group of parents to such students as mentioned above to the Workshop for Parents.
  • You are able to provide a location (in or around Brussels) for the workshops to take place.
[/headline] Note: Eligibility to apply does not automatically guarantee approval of your application. We reserve the right to refuse any application that is not suitable for our programme or for availability reasons.

[headline style=’3′]Apply today to join the Secondary Schools Programme.
If your institution fulfills the eligibility criteria listed above, submit your application today to benefit from the Secondary Schools Programme:

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