Personalised Career Coaching

✓ Leverage your full potential
✓ Seize the most advantageous opportunities
✓ Secure high levels of self-confidence and motivation
✓ Enjoy making a good living out of your talents and passions

Achieve sustainable well-being in your professional life

You have many skills, strengths and talents – probably more than you realise. Imagine finding a way to make the most of all of them in a meaningful job – wouldn’t that be fulfilling?

That’s exactly what you will accomplish with our Personalised Career Coaching: the perfect match between your talents, your passions and meaningful opportunities to add value to others.

Our programmes

  • Self-coaching bookThe budget option (but still great!)

  • 39€49+VAT*

  • Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Self-coaching kitLet's go further

  • 79€160+VAT*

  • 30 min. by phone
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Most Popular
  • Self-coaching kit PlusAccelerate and deepen your coaching

  • 269€332+VAT*

  • 2 hours
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Personalised Career CoachingSee full details below

  • 959€1330+VAT*

  • 8 hours
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book

* Standard prices are for companies and institutions, and are subject to VAT. Discounted, final prices are only for private, individual clients.

How does OrientaEuro's Personalised Career Coaching work?

You will benefit from a well-established methodology structured in 4 weekly individual sessions of 2 hours each, with some reflection exercises and fieldwork activities to be completed between sessions.

At the beginning of the first session, you and your coach will define a road-map for the coaching process to maximise results, customising the focus on the different stages to suit your unique situation:

Self-awareness: You will have a wide and clear inventory of your values, priorities, strengths, weaknesses, potential, talents and passions.

External reality: You will discover and analyse different options and opportunities that line up with your pre-identified profile.

Decision making: You will acquire effective decision-making techniques by taking into account both the most suitable options and your own choice criteria, and you will define a realistic and effective action plan.

Effective implementation: Equipped and motivated, with the necessary level of self-confidence, you will be ready to implement your action plan right away. We can also allocate time to help you improve your CV and cover letter writing skills, interview skills, etc. if necessary.


available locations in Flanders and Brussels
for your individual coaching sessions!

Also available online.

Or at your place in case of mobility problems.


8:00 – 21:00

9:00 – 13:00

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Who we are?

We are a social enterprise living and breathing our mission: “Putting Talents and Passions to Work©“. This commitment begins within our team and resonates through the individuals we coach and the organizations we partner with.

Our vision is a society where everyone can work using their talents and passions, thus adding value to others while enjoying a high degree of professional and personal well-being.

Designing and implementing highly effective tailored coaching programs, we join forces with public institutions, small to medium enterprises, corporations, embassies, and associations. We aim to foster a seamless and mutually rewarding social-professional integration, igniting a chain reaction that positively impacts individuals, their families, communities, employers, colleagues, clients, and society.

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  • Funded by the European Social Fund, the Flemish Government and the VDAB Brussels for the realization of our project “Trabajo en Bélgica / Trabalho na Bélgica” (job coaching for Brussels’ jobseekers with Latin American origin)

  • Mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center

  • Service provider in the framework of KMO-Portefeuille, certified by the Belgian Quality Association

  • Partners with Actiris for coaching Brussels’ jobseekers towards a satisfying job (“ARAE” and “50+”)

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Let’s talk about your talents and passions!

Let’s devise together how we could help you put your talents and passions to work. For you, for your company, for the society…

Witte Patersstraat 4 Rue des Pères Blancs,
1040 Etterbeek (Brussels), Belgium

+32 2 808 72 71

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