Career Guidance
(for students)

❏ No idea what to do after secondary school?
❏ Unsure about one or more potential careers you have in mind?
❏ You’ve already started your studies but realised they’re not for you?

We have the solution for you!

Clearly identify what you want to study and jump-start your dream career

For us, professional success should not be measured by external factors but by your well-being. That is why we define it as the perfect match between your talents, your passions and meaningful opportunities to add value to others.

With our Personalised Career Guidance programme this opportunity is yours for the taking: you will identify the profession and studies that will allow you make a good living out of your talents and passions.

Our programmes

  • Self-coaching bookThe budget option (but still great!)

  • 39€49+VAT*

  • Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Self-coaching kitLet's go further

  • 79€160+VAT*

  • 30 min. by phone
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Most Popular
  • Self-coaching kit PlusAccelerate and deepen your coaching

  • 269€332+VAT*

  • 2 hours
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book
  • Personalised Career CoachingSee full details below

  • 959€1330+VAT*

  • 8 hours
    Career coaching sessions
  • Go Coach Yourself! 250-pages book
  • Digital version of the book

How does OrientaEuro's Personalised Career Guidance work?

You will benefit from a well-established methodology. Right from the beginning you will work individually with one of our coaches. You will have 6 individual weekly sessions of one hour each, and in between, you will complete some tasks on your own.

OrientaEuro’s systematic approach is based on 4 stages:

Self-awareness: The first part will be dedicated to clearly defining your profile. Through exercises, tests, questions and other techniques, you will get to know yourself much better: your motivations, desires, priorities, needs, potential, talents, values, strengths, weaknesses and skills.

External reality: During the following sessions you will discover and analyse different professions, career paths and studies that line up with your personal profile.

Decision making: In the final sessions, you will acquire effective decision-making techniques and you will define precisely what, why, when and where to study. For your future reference, at the sixth session you will also receive and discuss a written report summarising the main findings of your experience.

Effective implementation: Fully equipped and motivated, with the necessary level of self-confidence, you will be ready to implement your decisions right away. In case new challenges or opportunities arise, your coach and OrientaEuro’s team remain at your disposal to support you from now on.


available locations in Flanders and Brussels
for your individual coaching sessions!

Also available by Skype.

Or at your place in case of mobility problems.


8:00 – 21:00

9:00 – 13:00

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Who we are?

OrientaEuro works together, since 2011, with public institutions, associations and companies to outreach, activate and coach in a personalized way jobseekers, inactive people and employees toward a sustainable professional future.

Clients coached per year
Coaching languages
  • Subsidized by the European Social Fund, the Flemish Government and the VDAB Brussels for the realisation of our project “Trabajo en Bélgica / Trabalho na Bélgica” (job coaching for Brussels’ jobseekers with Latin American origin)

  • Mandated by the Flemish Government as a certified career center

  • Service provider in the framework of KMO-Portefeuille, certified by the Belgian Quality Association

  • Partners with Actiris for coaching Brussels’ jobseekers towards a satisfying job (“ARAE” and “50+”)

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Let’s talk about your future!

Let’s devise together how we could help you put your talents and passions to work for you!

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1040 Etterbeek (Brussels), Belgium

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