Simon Van Dorpe

Simon Van Dorpe was born and raised in Flanders. He studied law in Wallonia and ended up as a journalist in Brussels. He is married to Lena and very recently became the proud father of Maïa. He likes sports, reading, and traveling.

What are your main strengths?

“Integrity, curiosity, creativity, strategic thinking and language skills. I think journalism is the profession where I can best combine these.”

Do you have other talents that are not a passion for you?

“Some tendencies are conflicting – I have recently considered working in the political or corporate sphere, but in my view that would have implied giving up on the independence (and perhaps also integrity) that comes with the journalism. I believe these priorities can change, but always keep in mind that the grass may seem greener on the other side.”

Do you have any other passions that are not talents?

“I try and develop those skills for which I believe I have at least some talent. That is why I never played a musical instrument. But I enjoy listening.”

Which industries do you have experience in?

“I don’t know if journalism counts as an industry – it is a great way of getting to know many different spheres of society. I have specialised in business and political journalism and more recently in legal journalism. I would like to end up in a more general role.”

Please describe an ideal working day.

“Bump into a source who gives me a worldwide scoop, finally finish off that article I have spent a lot of time and effort on.”

Please describe a nightmare working day.

“Find out that an article I just published contains (very) wrong information, have people threatening to take an article offline, nobody answering my calls or emails.”

How do you obtain well-being from your professional life?

“I continuously learn and structure my thoughts, often speak to interesting people and have the impression that I help the world a bit by providing it with correct information.”

How does your professional well-being affect your general well-being?

“Very much so. We are one and indivisible.”

What are the biggest challenges for your professional well-being?

“Finding good sources.”

What made you come to OrientaEuro?

“I was in a period where I needed a professional change and met Roger (OrientaEuro’s director) at the right moment.”

What are the key benefits that you obtained from OrientaEuro’s coaching?

I have two very important ones:
“1. It helped me to define exactly what direction I wanted to take by combining my aspirations and my skills.
2. It helped me to take action to achieve those goals.”

Any other comments that you’d like to add?

“Thanks! I am recommending OrientaEuro’s coaching to everybody.”

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