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Excellent5.0 Based on 24 reviews from review us onConstanza VargasConstanza Vargas ★★★★★ Good coaching and job orientation. Insightful one-on-one sessions where you discuss your career goals, possibilities, market, study job offers, analyze your CV + cover letter and even rehearse interviews. I wish the project would have lasted longer.If you have the chance to join them in the future, or a project alike, do not hesitate!Pâmela FornazierPâmela Fornazier ★★★★★ I was dissatisfied in my job and field of work. I discovered Orienta Euro through a friend who went through the follow-up. I signed up and was accompanied by Gina Salazar, who was completely responsible for this change in my professional field. We had some coaching sessions where she listened to me, we discussed, we defined objectives and steps to be taken. They taught me how to put together a good CV, how to write and value a motivation letter, how and where to look for job vacancies. How to prepare for an interview, how to value my skills and develop my weaknesses, which was essential for my direction. I am grateful for the professionalism and empathy that Gina had with me. I was part of it and I recommend it!Fathollah khoshbakhtiFathollah khoshbakhti ★★★★★ The coaching experience has significantly broadened my perspective, introducing valuable insights for consideration. The guidance provided during coaching sessions played a pivotal role in instilling motivation and self-confidence. Marie adeptly identified and emphasized my strengths and key skills, fostering a belief in my abilities. Her tailored approach concentrated on aligning my professional aspirations, educational background, and expertise with specific job opportunities. This personalized strategy, taking into account both ambition and enthusiasm, proved to be exactly what I needed to channel my efforts effectively. Based on my positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this form of coaching to anyone seeking to expedite their job search. It not only accelerates the process but also ensures alignment with one's unique strengths and career goals.Marie GalandMarie Galand ★★★★★ I am writing this positive comment as a collaborator of the OrientaEuro organization. I have worked there for 4 years and I have the chance and the pleasure of experiencing the philosophy that we convey at work myself: sustainable professional well-being (taking into account our talents, our passions and the opportunities that exist ). OrientaEuro is an excellent employer: attentive to its employees, open, dynamic, innovative, and with a mission that totally suits me! We look forward to meeting you there, as a future colleague or client!Nathalie AyarNathalie Ayar ★★★★★ Très bon suivi pour la recherche active d'emploi ! Je recommande fortement Orienta ! Dommage qu'ils ont un quota annuel pour les demandeurs d'emploi 🙁Yasmin DhdYasmin Dhd ★★★★★ I had very enriching advice that allowed me to regain my self-confidence.Madame.Murielle Dénis who was my coach was very responsive, super friendly and empathetic.I recommend to anyone who is serious about finding their dream job and wants to gradually improve.Jurgen UreelJurgen Ureel ★★★★★ Na contact op te nemen met OientalEuro werd ik opgebeld door Pascale Van Den Heede. Door de gesprekken ben ik er achtergekomen dat ik in mijn huidige job vele dingen anders kan aanpakken om me mentaal sterker te voelen en veel stress van me te kunnen afzetten.
Ik had ook een idee in mijn hoofd om als zelfstandige in bijberoep op te starten. Samen hebben we mijn idee uitgewerkt en door de vele tips en inzichten heb ik dan ook besloten om dit effectief te doen. Hierbij wil ik Pascale Van Den Heede dan ook bedanken om me in de juiste richting te sturen. Bedankt!!
Lientje BonteLientje Bonte ★★★★★ Ik ging ten rade bij OrientaEuro (Ann Deschepper) om inzicht te krijgen in mijn talenten en mogelijkheden om me verder te ontwikkelen. Na een drietal sessies bij Ann Deschepper heb ik dan ook besloten om een master bij te doen zodat ik ook in de derde graad kan lesgeven. De sessies waren verhelderend en deden me zodanig reflecteren dat ik tot nieuwe inzichten kwam die me op alle vlak zullen helpen. Een echte aanrader!Dimitri VerspechtDimitri Verspecht ★★★★★ Na een burnout ben ik de loopbaanbegeleiding opgestart om te achterhalen wat er fout ging.
We kwamen er al snel achter dat mijn balans van energie geven en krijgen bij mijn hoofdjob niet goed zat. We hebben verschillende opties besproken zoals veranderen van hoofdjob maar ook mijn hobbie (waar ik heel veel energie uithaal) te doen in bijberoep. Uiteindelijk is het dat laatste geworden en heb ik een bedrijfje opgestart waar ik mijn creatieve energie in kwijt kan. Mijn hoofd-job doe ik nu 4/5de en doe ik met veel meer plezier sinds deze aanpassing.
Ik kan OrientaEuro en dan meer specifiek Nico van de Venne warm aanraden
Wim AnnerelWim Annerel ★★★★★ Best career guidance center because completely individual sessions with personal coach✔ Also after working hours, even on Saturdays✔ Concrete action plan based on your talents and passions and the opportunities on the labor market✔ Proven results: 99.07% meet or exceed expectationsRay HermantRay Hermant ★★★★★ As time goes by, new career ambitions/goals are germinating in our minds and as a consequence our career expectations are increasing. We feel like giving our career a total change of direction. It is probably due to our current working life becoming too boring and not challenging enough. As a very ambitious man, I am in this kind of situation.

Before joining the Orienta Euro programme, I had already thought about a few ideas, and tools to broaden my horizons and to explore all sorts of possibilities but I was not sure how viable these were.

My OrientaEuro coach Nolwen helped me assess the effectiveness of these ideas about and how to further develop them while offering advice which I am now ready to put into practice. I recommend Nolwen's expertise for her professionalism, her patience and the ability to listen to people

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