Vicky Martinez DorrVicky Martinez Dorr is the leader of a concept that aims to help people develop their inner talents and make them shine. “A fruitful merging of coaching + branding; bringing together a tangible mix of tools to help those who need to add assertiveness to their entrepreneurial ideas and consequently put them out into the real world.”

Vicky has a background in public relations in Buenos Aires, marketing & advertising in Brussels, and coaching with NLP & Time Line Therapy® in London. All of this is reflected in 13 years of work experience in corporate sales, marketing & communications around the world.

Stuck, frustrated and lacking in motivation were the words that most resonated with Vicky at the time when she created her own concept; a concept that encompasses guidance on self-assertiveness and creative branding (for people or businesses). It is especially useful for those who have decided to jump into the entrepreneur and freelancing world.

What is your business/project and how does/will it add value to others?

“Making People Shine is a concept that I had in my head for a long time. I use Coaching with NLP and TimeLine Therapy® to help people rewire their brains and change their mindset towards becoming an improved version of themselves. If that is all they need, we stop there. Otherwise I can go a step further and help them develop their own (business) idea including strategy, goals and branding. The purpose here is to bring out the inner talent the person has, that for some reason has been silenced until now.”

How have your talents and passions informed your choice to pursue this business/project?

“My talents and passions were trying to make me aware of my potential for a long time, but I was too busy in the corporate world to pay attention to my own world. I had a kind of -unconscious- detachment caused by fear and uncertainty. Nevertheless, I am a strong believer that the universe always conspires to bring you what you want, even if that means a sudden life change event. So, one day, I invited myself for a coffee and had a serious talk about my future. After 3 hours of an honest and raw conversation, I hired myself and put a plan together to Make People Shine…”

How do/will you obtain professional well-being from this? How is this a good match between your talents, your passions and meaningful opportunities to add value to others?

“How will I obtain professional well-being from this? Simple. By being myself and doing what is closest to my core. To my essence. Nothing is more rewarding than being in a position of wholeness between what your passions are and how you transmit that into tangible experiences for others. It’s not work, it’s part of your daily life. It’s not an effort, it just flows.”

What are the 3 key benefits you obtained from OrientaEuro’s coaching?

“OrientaEuro’s entrepreneurs coaching gave me the final push I needed to make my project happen and If I had to summarise it in three main benefits, those were: a very straightforward reality check filled with professionalism, a touch of encouragement, and a different business perspective.”

In which ways does your professional well-being affect your general well-being?

“In every single way. Choosing my professional well-being came as the result of first setting my general well-being standards. Call it lifestyle, time spend, goals, priorities and so forth. I chose the professional well-being that better suited the life I wanted for myself. And I adapt it accordingly.”

At the moment, what are the biggest challenges/needs for your business/project and/or for yourself as an entrepreneur?

“As an entrepreneur I know that this world is quite complicated, nevertheless it is a wonderful world. From my end, the engines of “making people shine” are on, and challenges are popping up on a daily basis, however, I would like to point out a kind of “general need”, not only for myself but also for other entrepreneurs, which is the creation of a common space where we could gather and help each other, share experiences, shorten paths, and share best practice. Like an association that we could all benefit from.”

If potential partners / clients / suppliers want to know more about you and your business/project, where could they read more or get in contact with you?