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Be the coach/trainer you always wanted to be!

[headline style=’3′]At OrientaEuro, we believe that sustainable professional well-being is only achievable when you find the perfect match between your talents, your passions and meaningful opportunities to add value to others. If you are talented and passionate about coaching and/or training, then we have a meaningful opportunity for you![/headline]  
[headline style=’3′]Coaching and training are more than professions. They are passions, wonderful opportunities to make a living out of helping others. Working with OrientaEuro gives you a rewarding job helping people to achieve sustainable professional well-being. You focus on the coaching/training. We take care of all the rest![/headline]  
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OrientaEuro offers you the opportunity to:

  • Belong to a team of several coaches and trainers as well as support staff.
  • Dedicate your time purely to coaching/training whilst we take care of the administration and commercial aspects: client acquisition, lead generation, follow-up support, problem solving, registration, payment collection, web presence, quality assurance audits, etc.
  • Coach and/or train a wide range of clients through short, focused processes. This allows you to develop your expertise in hepling people from a variety of sectors, seniority levels and situations.
  • Acquire new methods, tools, and best practices, while still being able to use your own style and preferred tools, provided critical results are achieved.
  • Offer your external clients a platform with many advantages that you could not provide by yourself: more affordable fees through our subsidies and mandates, a systematic approach, great back-end support, an exclusive proven toolkit, shared knowledge, access to a bigger network of professionals, etc.
  • Gain marketing techniques that you could also apply to promoting your external activities.
  • Have a freelance contract that can be terminated at any point and does not require you to accept all the missions and/or clients proposed, with the flexibility to adapt the days and times of the sessions to your own availabilities.
  • Quickly increase your accumulated coaching hours and obtain a certificate which is accepted by the ICF towards their coach certification programmes.
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OrientaEuro has a very strong, responsive and organised team, it is a real pleasure to work with them.

Charline (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

You don’t have to search for customers, OrientaEuro does it for you.

Axelle (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

I invite coaches to join OrientaEuro, it is so rich due to the nature of the customers and the experience we share with them and because we share with others coaches.

Laurence (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

I have a lot of flexibility with OrientaEuro and they are always available when I need them.

Ramon (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

You can concentrate on coaching because they do all the administrative follow-up.

Lea-Valérie (career coach) Watch the video »PLAY Video

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All of our coaches/trainers possess the following talents and passions:

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  • Native or bilingual proficiency in Dutch.
  • Fluency in English (other languages are a plus).
  • A good track record in coaching individuals through different aspects of career transition and/or soft skills training.
  • A professional background in addition to coaching/training background.
  • Specific education in coaching/training from a recognised school.
  • Excellent communication skills: you must be comfortable coaching/training a broad range of individuals, including both junior and senior level professionals, as well as entrepreneurs and independent professionals.
  • An innate sense of caring for people and being passionate about helping them.
  • A strong sense of empathy, a positive outlook, and the ability to motivate others.
  • Excellent listening and customer service skills, proficiency in translating abstract ideas into practical goals, and the ability to customise our protocols and tools to accommodate the concrete needs of clients.
  • Good organisational skills.

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Does this appeal to you?
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