Have you ever asked yourself if you were truly happy to go to work? If the answer is no, then it may be time to look at your professional situation and think about solutions…

Approximately 75% of Europeans are not satisfied with their professional reality. Consequently, the majority of the active European population probably ask themselves why they are going to work every morning (apart from to earn money of course) and if their daily life has any meaning. When it comes to spending 8 hours doing tasks that aren’t suited to you, time can go very slowly. It would be much better to be a part of the 25% that have managed to get their dream job, and you have that dream job if…

… you benefit from certain advantages.

It is interesting to calculate how many advantages you benefit from right now. Even if some of them aren’t essential to your happiness, you have to be able to weigh the pros and cons. Like Google, the company with the happiest employees, having fairly complete infrastructure (kitchen, relaxation areas, spacious offices, shower, etc.) and other advantages allows for greater comfort and so helps you to be efficient.

… you feel happy.

Counting down the minutes before being able to leave or being overjoyed at the slightest excuse to not go to work is a pretty strong indicator of your level of satisfaction with regards to your work. Wanting to get up in the morning is another. There are a multitude of revealing signs of your general well-being and you have to take them into account when seriously thinking about your job.

… you evolve.

There are several possibilities available to you to evolve in your job. Having an end game, a project, allows you to be constantly researching new things and discovering other aspects of daily life, but it can also break the routine which you may have gotten into. The work also allows you to evolve on a personal level, to test your limits or explore certain character traits you were unaware of until now. Beyond simply being a way of making a living, your job can also help you to better yourself.

… you have a situation that is convenient for you.

Depending on your character and preferences, your professional situation may be different to your friends’. Each to his own: in a team or alone, at home or in a big office, in a stressful environment or a relaxed one… What you have to do is find what suits you most. If not, your productivity may suffer and you may not be as efficient as you could be.


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