Free individual coaching
for 18-29 in Brussels

Would you like to find a project that makes sense to you?

Would you consider a helping hand to make that happen?

Let's unlock your potential and shape a better future!

By joining this programme, you will get a personal coach who is there just for you without judging or preaching but listening to you and trying to help you open the doors you need. With your coach’s support, you can also do small, paid tasks for neighbours to test potential skills and passions and gain self-confidence. Moreover, you will gain special access to big brands like Starbucks, Primark, Zara, or Coca-Cola to learn from them about the day-to-day reality of the job market or even to have preferred treatment if you decide to apply for their job offers later. This programme is your chance to discover what you love doing and start building a future that’s all yours.

€ 2.500
/ participant
/ participant

if you fulfil the
eligibility criteria.

Important: This is not a free programme but a premium one, fully funded by Actiris and the European Social Funds (European Commission) because they believe and invest in our high-quality programme and your potential. It is a unique opportunity to access professional coaching and resources with all expenses paid on your behalf.

To benefit from the programme entirely for free, you need to fulfil the following conditions required by our financing partners:

Thanks to our multilingual professional coaches, you can join this programme and be coached in any of these languages:

Our coach will adapt to your preferences and needs. So you can choose to have the meetings with the coach at any of these places:

You and your coach will usually schedule meetings at a mutually agreed duration and time, from Monday to Friday between 9 AM and 6 PM. However, the coach can adapt and make exceptions to accommodate your needs.


What is expected from your side



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