You should have in front of you 52 cards representing key skills you can utilise in your career and four Joker cards.

    1. 1.Establish three groups – positive, negative and unsure. You can use post-its or pieces of paper if you like.
    2. 2.Take one card. Read it and decide which group it belongs to:
      • Negative – This is a skill I don’t possess, or that I know I have to work on.
      • Unsure – I’m unsure whether or not I possess this skill.
      • Positive – I already possess this skill.
    3. 3.Repeat this step for each of the cards.

  1. 4.Once all the cards have been classified, first take a look at your ‘unsure’ group. Ask yourself:
    • Have I been too modest? Are there any skills I should move to the ‘positive’ group?
    • Am I being honest with myself? Are there any skills I should move to the ‘negative’ group?
  2. 5.Next, look at your ‘negative’ group. Are there any skills which don’t interest you or that you don’t want to work on? You can move them to one side.
    For the remaining skills, choose only a few you would like to develop, if any. They should be skills that are important to you, or that you recognise as being necessary to further your own professional well-being. The development of these skills will be incorporated into your Action Plan by your coach.
  3. 6.Finally, look at your ‘positive’ skills. Perhaps you have even more than you expected. Rank them in your personal order of preference, starting with skills that are most important to you or that you would most like to use. Your coach can use these choices to help you in your decision making process later on.
    If there are skills you recognise within yourself and would particularly like to use which haven’t been mentioned on the skills cards, you can use the Joker cards to represent these so that your coach can take them into account.

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