Unlock your Career Potential


Increase your chances of landing a dream job with our AI tool, crafted from our experience coaching 7000+ people.

Just upload basic information, and with a few clicks,
get customised advice and actionable guidelines
in no time:

A Cover Letter crafted to highlight your experience and motivation, ready to copy, paste, and impress.

Personalised suggestions to polish your CV's content and make it resonate with recruiters.

15 specific and challenging questions you might face for your target job, with customised answer suggestions.

Make a lasting impression at networking events, phone follow-ups or interviews with a unique pitch.

A detailed comparison of your skills against those required for your target job.

Actionable advice to bridge skills gaps with specific training, volunteer work, readings or certifications.

20 job roles tailored to your unique talents and passions, with an overview of skill development areas for each.

A short, ready-to-send email for submitting your applications.

Our job coaches will share their best tips and tricks on each topic, based on over 7,000 coaching cases in our collection. They will also walk you through the key points in the AI-generated results, helping you sharpen your critical eye and gain the maximum benefit.


How much does it cost, and what is included in the price?

Until 30/4/24 only, you can get the full service for a promotional price of €9.99
This offer is a strategic investment towards significantly enhancing your prospects of landing your dream job effectively and efficiently. The cost covers cutting-edge artificial intelligence and the encapsulation of the extensive expertise of OrientaEuro’s dedicated job coaches. Our tool is constantly refined through rigorous testing, continuous optimisation and learning to ensure it remains at the forefront of career advancement technology, all designed to propel you towards your professional aspirations.

What info is needed from me?

  • Your desired job target.

  • Your core values and passions.

  • Your core skills and educational background.

  • Any previous work experiences.


Additionally, for enhanced accuracy of your report, the following are welcome but not mandatory:

  • An up-to-date CV.

  • A specific job vacancy of interest.

  • Any previous cover letter.

Where and when?

This service is entirely online. You can order it at any moment and complete your information. You will obtain, in less than 5 minutes, your AI-generated results to read on the screen and a full PDF to download, integrating these results with the job coaches’ expertise.

In which languages is it available?

The interface and the general parts of the report are currently only available in English.

For the personalised AI-generated results (skills gap analysis, cover letter, etc.), you can choose any of the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Hindi
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Japanese

We are a public/private institution. How can we bring this solution to our beneficiaries/clients?

Bringing this cutting-edge solution to your organisation can revolutionise your support to your beneficiaries/clients in their career journeys.

We aim to help as many individuals as possible put their talents and passions to work. Thus, we are eager to collaborate with your organisation to determine the most effective way to deliver our services to those you serve. Depending on the scale, we can explore a variety of packages and options to meet your needs best.

Reach out to explore partnership opportunities.

What are OrientaEuro's AI Usage Principles?

At OrientaEuro, we are committed to ethical and responsible AI usage. We have established and strictly adhere to our AI Usage Principles:

  1. Opt-in: The client chooses whether to use AI in their coaching process.
  2. Privacy and Bias Prevention: We ask clients and coaches to exclude personal information when submitting inputs for AI analysis to protect their privacy and minimise potential biases and discrimination.
  3. Transparency: We clearly label AI-generated insights to differentiate them from human-driven advice.
  4. Human Discernment: While AI can offer valuable perspectives, human judgment and professional discernment are irreplaceable. We recommend that AI-generated advice be reviewed carefully, preferably with the guidance of a professional coach.

What are the limitations of the tool?

While we’ve designed this tool to provide valuable guidance, it operates with generative artificial intelligence, which means inaccuracies, biases, or omissions could exist. Consider this report as a starting point for your career exploration, a catalyst prompting deeper reflection and further research. You should not regard the report as an absolute truth or objective information. We highly encourage you to engage with professional coaches for a deeper reflection on the contents of this document and to independently verify any critical information contained within before making decisions based on this document. OrientaEuro cannot assume responsibility for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from this document’s use.

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