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Increase your job placement rates and other KPIs with our AI tool, crafted from our experience coaching 7000+ people.

Our tool can be used by individuals directly or with the assistance of a job coach. Some basic information Their target job, main skills, education, work experience, and values. Optionally, they can upload a job vacancy and their current cv and cover letter. is easily uploaded, and a personalised 40+ page guide filled with tailored job application materials and expert career advice is obtained:

Cover Letter

A Cover Letter crafted to highlight your experience and motivation, ready to copy, paste, and impress.

CV Enhancement

Personalised suggestions to polish your CV's content and make it resonate with recruiters.

Job Interview Preparation

15 specific and challenging questions you might face for your target job, with customised answer suggestions.

Elevator Pitch

Make a lasting impression at networking events, phone follow-ups or interviews with a unique pitch.

Skills Gap Analysis

A detailed comparison of your skills against those required for your target job.


Actionable advice to bridge skills gaps with specific training, volunteer work, readings or certifications.

Alternative Career Paths

20 job roles tailored to your unique talents and passions, with an overview of skill development areas for each.

Application Email

A short, ready-to-send email for submitting your applications.

Our Experts’

Drawing from over 7000 coaching cases, our career coaches share invaluable insights and guidance to help leverage AI-generated personalised outcomes and increase the odds of landing dream jobs.

AICCA® expands the solutions available to job seekers and significantly saves time for job coaches, enabling them to focus on the most human-centric and coaching-intensive aspects of their work.

We are eager to expand AICCA®'s reach by partnering with Public Employment Services, job coaching companies, and other employment services to enhance the support provided to their clients. Interested to explore this opportunity?


What are OrientaEuro's AI Usage Principles?

At OrientaEuro, we are committed to ethical and responsible AI usage. We have established and strictly adhere to our AI Usage Principles:

While we’ve designed this tool to provide valuable guidance, it operates with generative artificial intelligence, which means inaccuracies, biases, or omissions could exist. Consider this report as a starting point for career exploration, a catalyst prompting deeper reflection and further research. The report should not be regarded as an absolute truth or objective information. We highly encourage the clients to engage with professional coaches for a deeper reflection on the contents of this document and to independently verify any critical information contained within before making decisions based on this document. OrientaEuro cannot assume responsibility for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from this document’s use.
This service is entirely online. In less than 5 minutes, the user obtains AI-generated results to read on the screen and a full PDF to download (more than 40 pages long), integrating these results with the career coaches’ expertise. As an institution, this can be done either from OrientaEuro’s website or -on a bigger scale- integrated into your own website.
For the custom-made job application materials and the other AI-generated results, the user can choose any of the following languages:
The interface and the main body of the report are currently only available in English.
1- Their job aim (“Community manager”) and motivations (“Social impact, communication”). 2- Their CV or LinkedIn profile or a brief list of their experiences, skills and education. 3- Optionally, a job vacancy of interest to be uploaded.

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