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Advanced Technology and Employment Services

We are thrilled to have participated in the insightful webinar ‘Advanced Technology and Employment Services’ facilitated by Miguel Peromingo and Eamonn Davern.

Our founding director, Roger Cohen, and our job coach Marie Galand, were invited to share their expertise alongside Paul Toomey from Geographic Solutions, Inc., Chad Carter from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, Jeffrey Doucet from Thrive Career Wellness Platform , and Josh Hjartarson, Ph.D. from Deloitte Canada.

We delved into AI’s transformative role in enhancing jobseekers’ experience and empowering job coaches through effective human-AI interaction, particularly our so-positive experience with OrientaEuro’s AICCA®️ tool. The discussion highlighted the evolving landscape of employment services and why we should not expect AI to solve the issues we have not managed to solve ourselves.

Here is the link to the full webinar:

We eagerly look forward to our continued collaboration and innovation in leveraging AI to improve employment services.

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