[headline style=’3′]Terms and conditions of Career Guidance and Career Coaching services (hereinafter ‘process’) rendered by OrientaEuro bvba/sprl (hereinafter ‘OE’)[/headline]


  1. By paying the invoice issued by OE, the customer confirms, or gives parental consent for minors, to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions set out herein.
  2. The services are billed to the client per session with a career coach. The client will be informed about the tariff and the estimated duration of each session beforehand. By default, the session is to last approximately 60 minutes. The services rendered by OE are valid for a maximum period of 6 months following payment of the invoice, unless agreed otherwise. Once this period has expired, the total amount cannot be recovered, neither partially nor in its totality, and no claim shall lie against OE, nor credit be given for another service.



  1. OE commits to offering professionalism, the highest degree of integrity and professional knowledge, and to always provide the best practices and ethical standards during the carrying out of its duties.
  2. OE commits to providing the client with an experienced and well selected career coach to respond to their needs. A CV of the assigned career coach may be provided upon demand. OE’s career coaches work with clients coming from various sectors of activity. They accompany the client with their research. They are not necessarily assigned based on their specific knowledge of a sector but as facilitators of the process for the client.



  1. The general objective of a process of Career Guidance or Career Coaching with OE is to improve the client’s position to make decisions concerning his/her professional life in order to maximise his/her professional and personal well-being. The specific objectives within the framework are established with the client at the beginning of the process with the career coach.



  1. OE assures the transparency of the services provided. The career coach ensures that, right from the beginning, the client has a clear idea of the content and the limits of the process. The client verifies with OE that the proposition of the service complies with his/her needs.


Best Endeavours Clause

  1. The career coach will commit him/herself to an obligation of best endeavour: s/he will ensure that the management of the process and the use of the methodologies have the aim of attaining the objectives planned with the client. The client may be assigned additional tasks between the sessions. He/ She also commits to co-responsibility. The objective cannot be attained without the active involvement of the client in the process.


Evaluation and Complaints

  1. At the end of the last session the client submits an evaluation of the process based on a pre-established questionnaire. At each stage of the process, different channels of communication are available to the client to express his/her discontent: primarily with the career coach him/herself and/ or with the Head of Quality Management at OE, Roger Cohen (rogercohen@www.orientaeuro.be).


Realisation of sessions

  1. The sessions are realised in accordance with an agreement between OE’s career coach and the client. A session terminates at the pre-scheduled time regardless of the arrival time of the client. A session cancelled by the career coach is immediately rescheduled. The meeting may be rescheduled by the client given at least 48 hours’ advance notice; the lack of which would result in the meeting being counted and the client charged.



  1. At the end of the process, a certificate of participation can be presented upon the demand of the client.



  1. OE respects the confidentiality of personal data collected throughout the entire process with the client. The client has the right to consult said data at any time during the service. The career coach will abide by their Code of Ethics. Only statistical and anonymous data can be published to a public subsidising body or form part of an evaluation within the framework of a quality certification. Information on the content of the process will not be revealed to any third-parties. All other information shall solely be given to third-parties with the express permission of the client.
  2. In the case whereby the process is carried out with a minor, OE ensures the same respect of confidentiality with the client (the minor). The career coach may however make the decision to relay certain information to the parent if he/she finds it in the best interest of the minor; in which case the minor shall be duly noted. All other information given to the parents will take place in the presence and/ or with the permission of the minor.



  1. The unavailability of a career coach does not in any way constitute sufficient grounds to cancel regardless of the reason (illness, resignation, force majeure). In this instance, OE commits to replacing the career coach as soon as possible.
  2. Any difficulty relating to the application of these terms and conditions will be subjected, in the case of lack of a mutual agreement out of court, under the competence of the competent tribunal in Brussels and will be judged under Belgian law.


Last updated: 19.05.2017