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Partnership with Zara

As part of the Click! project, we had the opportunity to visit one of our partners: Zara of the Inditex group. Our young participants explored the store and the stockroom,

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Encouraging newcomers

OrientaEuro participated in leading a training session specifically designed for a Spanish-speaking group at BAPA Brussels, focusing on the labour market and encouragement in job searching. BAPA welcomes and assists

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Committed to socio-professional integration

At OrientaEuro, we are committed to socio-professional integration and recognise multilingualism’s pivotal role in facilitating this process. Empowering immigrants in their language resonates deeply with our mission! Last week, we

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Partnership with Ring Twice

One of the standout features of Click!, our innovative coaching program tailored for young adults aged 18-29, is the unique opportunity for ‘jobbing’. This element allows participants to engage in

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